The Stormwish Arithmetic Training Package

  • Strong at maths?
  • Weak at maths?
  • Want to get better at maths without committing endless hours?

How about affordable mathematics training software that's easy to use and that works on any Windows-based PC?

KS2 Arithmetic Training Package

  • Software that's based on the National Curriculum.
  • Building your maths skills in minutes per day.
  • Training in all Key Stage 2 basic arithmetic skills.

Multiple Programs

Programs include: Unlimited practice questions, unlimited variations of timed tests and multiplication tables personal development.

The overall package includes 3 programs to help improve your maths:

  • KS2 Options allows for practice on all types of arithmetic questions.
  • KS2 Paper 1 is based upon the 2017 SATS test of the same name.
  • Multiplier¬†helps the user quickly develop speed and confidence in learning times tables and complex multiplication.

Options to Focus

Select types of questions that you want to focus on to improve quickly.

Unlimited variations of questions, all based on standard Key Stage 2 Arithmetic questions from SATS exam papers.

The software generates unlimited variations of questions at KS2 level in:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Fractions
  • Multiple decimal places
  • Percentages

Easy to Use - Immediate Feedback

Keyboard and mouse entry, correct answers shown after every question, sessions are timed and overall scores given.

Using the software is easy.  No need to install - just double-click and run the programs.

Options available to set the numbers and types of questions in both the Multiplier program and KS2 Options.

Answers can be typed into the answer boxes and pressing the Enter/Return key will give immediate feedback to the user.

Total scores are reported at the end of the session, along with time taken.


The Stormwish KS2 Arithmetic Training Package is now available on Amazon.co.uk

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