Educational Software for Mathematics

We are currently developing software to support people in improving their mathematical skills.

Our most recent suite of programs supports skills in arithmetic up to Key Stage 2 from the National Curriculum.  These programs run on all Windows-based computers.  These will shortly be available for purchase on

People of all ages will find our software helpful in improving their mathematical skills.

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Educational Software for English

We are in the process of developing software to help with English skills, linked to the National Curriculum Key Stage 2.  This software will be made available in the Autumn of 2018.

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GCSE Exam Training Software

As part of our longer term software development policy we will be developing training and support software for GCSE level subjects and beyond.

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Our Areas of Development and Expertise

Stormwish Analytics Limited is a research and development company specialising in educational and technological products.

In 2018 we are producing educational software to support people in improving their skills in mathematics and English.

We are focusing our work on basic skills, using the National Curriculum Key Stage 2 (England & Wales) as a template.

The purpose of this website is to keep people informed of new software that we make available.  We will also shortly provide some sample software here for download.

Our products will be available through mainstream online retailers in the future.  More details will be made available over the coming months.

Last update May 2018.